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This is reTracked Feed. Here we publish audio remakes as soon as we have them ready. Want to participate? Want to create your own remakes of your beloved tracker modules or chip tunes? Drop us a mail.

'Hollywood_Poker' original module by Chris Hulsbeck [14 kb .sid]
[downloaded 3 times]

'Hollywood poker' [57 Mb, WAV]
[downloaded 1607 times]

'Hollywood poker' [13 Mb, MP3]
[downloaded 1828 times]

'Blue_flame' original module by Chris Jarvis [700 kb .it]

'Blue flame' [67 Mb, WAV]
[downloaded 1616 times]

'Blue flame' [15 Mb, MP3]
[downloaded 1785 times]

'Digital_player' by Vladimir Khropov [3 kb .stp]
[downloaded 3 times]

'Digital player' [9 Mb, MP3]
[downloaded 1704 times]

'Digital player' [42 Mb, WAV]
[downloaded 1602 times]

'Beyond' by Thomas Mogensen & Søren Lund [4 kb .sid]
[downloaded 1 times]

'Beyond' [13 Mb, MP3] [March 19, 2012]
[downloaded 1731 times]

'Beyond' [57 Mb, WAV]
[downloaded 1568 times]