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Apr 13th, 2012: we were silent for some time. Now we're up with new reTracked Feed and new fresh remakes. Check them up! Want to be a part of reTracked? Drop us a mail...

Jan 27th, 2009: with great pleasure we would like to present to you a new, second release of the WebSound.Ru::reTracked project – the music disk reTracked #2...

Oct 25th, 2008: Remastered version of "World of plastic" remake (by Manwe) is available on the reDisk #1 page.

In the early 80's, the world was confronted with the phenomenon of a Personal Computer. It is now difficult to tell whether a single sphere of human activity hasn't been touched by this phenomenon. Even music was affected by the evolution of the PC — eventually, fortunately or unfortunately, the computer learned to produce sounds: Although, at the time, serious musicians didn't pay too much attention to this innovation, there were some enthusiasts who did recognise the PC's potential and used it in their creations. Those pioneers-altruists developed their first musical programs — trackers — and created the world's first digital musical compositions — tracker music (tracker modules).

The first tracker modules were small because, in the early days, computers were painfully slow. The early trackers had to be rather simple to run in that environment. Because of these constraints, the priority was to create just the melody of the music. Tracker modules were famous for their nice melody and harmony which somewhat compensated the poor sound. Importantly, tracker music was the music without stereotypes because most of its musicians were amateurs who didn't have any formal musical education. And nowadays, tracker modules are unusual and often do not conform to the general framework of any musical genre. Occasionally they are just pure experiments, but almost always, tracker modules sound nice and melodious.

We cannot say that all of the tracked music is of a very good quality from the aesthetic point of view. It would not be completely true. But we can say with certainty that the quantum of interesting musical ideas on the whole is extremely high.

Our project, which is named "reTracked" (or in full "WebSound.Ru::reTracked") is a non-commercial initiative of a group of tracker musicians, traditional musicians and common fans of the tracker art. This project's goal is to pay homage to those talents who created music from their souls for the world to enjoy. This project was created only out of recognition and respect for those fine musicians and does not have any commercial incentives in mind. In fact, many members of this project have just recently listened to tracked music and became inspired to begin their own creative careers. Others are just long-time fans.

The main aim of this project is to create the cover-versions of those wonderful musical compositions which touched our souls in order for more people, both familiar and otherwise with the tracker art, to appreciate and enjoy this wonderful music. In addition to the spirit of the tracker music and its composers, our project is also based on the enthusiasm of our members. Our aim is to recreate the atmosphere of those splendid melodies in their new quality and publish the fruits of our labour in a worthy format. Would it be successful or not — let you will be the judge. But let us assure you that everything we've done here comes from our souls.

The reTracked Team.