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reTracked #2 (release date: January 27th, 2009)

Here you can find some information and also download the Music Disk “reTracked #2”. The music disk is provided as a ZIP/RAR-archive containing all the remakes (in MP3/WAV format - depending on the release version), all original modules and a software player.

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Dear friends,

It's a great pleasure and a massive relief to finally present you with a new issue of the WebSound.Ru::reTracked project series - the reTracked #2 music disk. It's been almost three years since we published our very first project disk, reTracked #1. A lot of things have changed in the life of the project during that time. The project lineup has changed: some people left the group, and some joined us. The geography of our members has remarkably expanded: our group has been enriched by our wonderful colleagues from France, Netherlands and Poland. What started as a local, Russian-based project, rapidly grew out of its boundaries. This is absolutely fantastic, since it proved once again that true creation has no boundaries, music is understood by everyone, regardless of their native language.

Tracker music is no longer just a subculture. It may well be the last stronghold of free creation for a wide audience which refuses to become a victim of global commercialization. Tracker music is pure, honest, romantic, perhaps even naive but exciting at the same time. We hope that this release will become a gift for all the fans of tracker music and the demoscene. We also hope that from this second release, the project will attract more people who are passionate about this pure music.

We wish to say a big Thank You to each and every one of you for waiting, believing in us, hurrying us along, and over time being drawn into the life of our project. We also wish to thank the fans for regularly visiting our website in search of news and project developments. It is due to all of your efforts that this project has survived until its rebirth. We did our very best, and we hope that you'll enjoy listening to the reTracked #2 music disk.

Sincerely yours,
The reTracked Team

Track list

  1. Ice frontier
    by Slightly Magic, original module by Skaven

  2. Liberty
    by 32167, original module by The Zapper

  3. Hispeed: track whatever
    by Lyzzard, original module by Purple Motion

  4. Revelation
    by Overhead, original module by Necros  

  5. Underwater world II
    by Slightly Magic, original module by Slightly Magic

  6. Planete football
    by Manwe, original module by Franck Amoros

  7. One fine day
    by Alex_Job, original module by Elwood

  8. Oracle
    by SaMPLeMaSTeR, original module by Siren & Bryan Rudge

  9. After hours
    by A.w.e.r.s., original module by Elwood

  10. Stereo waves
    by Janis Push, original module by Noisy Man

  11. Aphrodisiae 2
    by Lyzzard , original module by Muffler

  12. Monday
    by Esion, original module by Random Voice

  13. Hybrid Song
    by AceMan, original module by Quazar

  14. Ramparts
    by Dre@mer, original module by Scorpion

  15. Lavender Hill
    by Manwe, original module by Skaven