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reTracked #1 (release date: April 14th, 2006)

Here you can find some information and also download the Music Disk “reTracked #1”. The music disk is provided as a ZIP/RAR-archive containing all the remakes (in MP3/WAV format - depending on the release version), all original modules and a software player.

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Track list

  1. Pocket Tanks
    by Alex_Job, original module by Eliran Ben-Ishai (DNA-GROOVE)

    DNA-Groove: “...The project is magnificent...

  2. Invisible Space
    by D.Copy, original module by Dmitry Paluhin (Deep Sound)
  3. Sun Jammer
    by Miracle, original module by Jakob Svanholm (Radix)
  4. Flying High
    by zipp, original module by Tore Skaara (pOW)
  5. Cosmic Outflow
    by WhiteLake, original module by Jacek Dojwa (Falcon)
  6. New Beginning
    by Manwe, original module by Jonne Valtonen (Purple Motion)

    Purple Motion: “Thank you! New beginning sounds really good! I really don't have anything to add. Liked the mix too.

  7. The Last Ballad
    by D.Copy, original module. by Alexander Brandon (Siren)
  8. Stereo Waves
    by WayBe, original module by David Tolosana (Noisyman)
  9. Sacred Grounds
    by WhiteLake, original module by Kenny Chow (CC CATCH)

    CC Catch: “You made Sacred Grounds what it should have been from the start. Thank you for making such an incredible remake of my song!

  10. Zen Bowling
    by Tone, original module by Janne Suni (Tempest)

    Tempest: “...I just heard Tone's remix of my tune (Zen Bowling) and I must say it was really nice...

  11. Community*
    by cluster, original module by Jukke Lundqvist (MyVoice)

    MyVoice: “...I really like this music disk your team has released, many good remixes. I also liked the remix of my song "Community" a lot...

  12. Leaving All Behind
    by Sever, original module by Karsten Koch
  13. Sick on Monday
    by Svyatoslav, original module by Jussi-Matti Salmela (Elwood)
  14. World Of Plastic
    by Manwe, original module by Jonne Valtonen (Purple Motion)

    Purple Motion: “...Yeah, it sounds pretty good! There might've been some mixing issues I've would've done differently, but that's all about taste really...

  15. Human Essence
    by AG, original module by Sergey Eibog (Vibe)
  16. Alice's Lullaby
    by Alex_Job, original module by Alexander Las

Bonus tracks:

* We thank HyperSound Productions for their kind permission in letting us use this module.